Our Wedding Services

Wedding Collections

We offer wedding collections that consist of the different products that are available on our website and ready to order.

The collections include men and female imishanana, tops, jewellery and accessories as a complete set for your traditional wedding attire.

Wedding Package Service

This Package service comprises custom made wedding attire and jewelry designed to match your wedding theme. You can fill out a form by clicking here, and that will provide us with the information we need to meet your requirements.

This service may take two to three months so we require the order to be made at least 6 months in advance to allow us to complete your package order and deliver it to your door.

This Package service includes Imikenyero, tops and a set of jewellry for the bride ,
the groom and their respective parties. A discount rate is offered when you choose
this package.

Our Mission

AraKuzwe was born out of a passion for African tradition and traditional wedding attire. Our aim is to highlight the heritage and culture through the lens of the African bride and groom.

Our journey began with a realisation of the importance of traditional weddings for our communities and families. It is the most important day of the lives of many and timely reminder of the richness of our heritage, traditions and culture. It is essential to keep these traditions going for future generations.

A.K. is dedicated to staying true to these traditions and enhancing the beauty of the community on that special day.


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